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Are you eagerly anticipating the release of the highly anticipated sequel to Rebecca Yarros’ “Fourth Wing”? “Iron Flame” is set to continue the captivating journey of dragon rider Violet Sorrengail through Basgiath War College. But before you dive into this thrilling new installment, let’s take a moment to refresh our memories with a quick guide to the major events in the first book. In this article, we’ll explore the key characters, the challenges Violet faces, her unexpected allies, and the shocking revelations that set the stage for “Iron Flame.” So buckle up and get ready to unlock the secrets of this enchanting series.

The World of “Fourth Wing”

In the world of “Fourth Wing,” we are introduced to protagonist Violet Sorrengail, the daughter of General Lilith Sorrengail. Violet hails from a lineage of powerful dragon riders, and her mother leads the Navarre army to victory against rebel forces. But Violet’s dreams of studying history at the Scribe Quadrant in Basgiath War College are shattered when she is forced to join the Riders Quadrant. This dangerous training ground becomes the setting for Violet’s extraordinary journey.

Violet’s Trials and Triumphs

The Riders Quadrant is a treacherous place, where students must navigate rigorous training and the constant threat of death. Violet, with her frail body and the target on her back due to her mother’s actions, faces immense challenges. However, she defies the odds and forms strong bonds with her friends, particularly Rhiannon Matthias. Violet’s keen mind and unconventional tactics make her stand out during strategy lessons, and she even manages to poison opponents when necessary. But it’s her encounter with Xaden Riorson, her enemy-turned-lover, that truly changes the course of her journey.

Unlikely Allies and Forbidden Love

As Violet’s safety becomes intertwined with Xaden’s due to their dragons’ mating, he appoints his friend Liam as her bodyguard. The connection between Violet and Xaden becomes undeniable, especially when their dragons’ urges influence their own. The pair gives in to their attraction, becoming an item before the end of the school year. Together, with the help of both Tairn and Xaden, Violet learns to be a dragon rider in a way that suits her unique body type. It is during her first year of school that Violet’s signet power is revealed: the ability to wield lightning, which she uses to defeat her nemesis Jack in a crucial test.

Betrayal and Revelation

Just as Violet and Xaden’s relationship reaches new heights, they find themselves trapped in a dangerous situation. It is revealed that Dain, their childhood friend, has been reading Violet’s mind without her knowledge. Through this ability, Dain uncovers Xaden’s secret visits to an outpost named Athebyne. Navarre leadership seizes this opportunity to send Xaden’s squad to Athebyne during the final war games of the year. Violet, compelled by her connection to Xaden through their dragons, accompanies them and discovers a shocking truth: Xaden is part of a group of rebels still fighting against Navarre. The group is suddenly attacked by venin and wyverns, mythical creatures that Navarre leadership has denied the existence of. As Violet fights for her life and grapples with the betrayal of her government, an even greater shock awaits her.

A Reckoning and New Beginnings

During the battle, Violet’s ally Liam tragically loses his life, and she sustains injuries that require treatment in a rebel hospital. As she tries to reconcile Xaden’s secret life as a rebel with her own loyalty to Navarre, an unexpected revelation rocks her world. Her long-lost brother, Brennan, who was presumed dead, has been living among the rebels in secret for years. With “Iron Flame” set to pick up from where “Fourth Wing” left off, Violet returns to Basgiath for her second year of school, burdened with secrets she never expected to keep.


The world of “Fourth Wing” is a captivating blend of action, romance, and betrayal, and Rebecca Yarros’ skillful storytelling keeps readers on the edge of their seats. As we eagerly await the release of “Iron Flame,” the sequel promises to take us on another thrilling adventure alongside Violet Sorrengail. With unexpected allies, forbidden love, and shocking revelations, this series is a must-read for fans of romantasy. So mark your calendars for November 7 and get ready to unlock the secrets that lie ahead in “Iron Flame.”

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